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The Hustle Don’t Stop

The Hustle Don't Stop

Sorry for the super delay I’ve been living life trying to figure a few things out! I have a ton of news, interviews, music, photos etc stay tuned!!

#NEWVIDEO Drake – Started from the bottom

#NEWVIDEO @MyFabolousLife – B.I.T.E

Bi*ch Im tryna eat! lets go FAB!!

#RealFootageOfShootout #ChristopherDorner

This is overkill by the cops ..for one that man didn’t have enough ammo to back down all those cops ..Two i like the movie Bourne Supremecy Bourne Ultimatum etc this is exactly what this is..I want to know what kind of dirt he had on LAPD I bet it’s written down somewhere..Not saying he’s right for killing people but i pray for em..

@Dopeitsdom – Designer Shit

dope shit

#Jeezy – Knob Broke

turn up!!



The dopest!

@TroyAve Super Cool

shout to @Dj_Caesar

@CurrenSy_Spitta – MARY (Official video)

my shit