Canayda “Music or Love?” prod by Kleph Dollaz

This track right here is pretty dope to me.. Im sure alot of people in the industry get caught up between “music or love” at some point in there career…Women/Men get attracted to a person for what they do sometime and they dont  realize how much time they get consumed with there dream. Personally I had chics like yeah i know u do music and im here for ya i know how it is blah blah blah….(“do u really?” lol ) So it usually starts off great.. they wanna come chill at the stu come to some shows,meetings,trips out of town then slowly it change into why you always gone? lol *SMH* by then she knows how much time i spend in the studio,how much time it takes to do graphics, shoot videos, promote online ,sell cds etc  i mean its alot wit it when your a independent long story short it turns into a “ME vs Music” type deal an I dont think thats right becuz if u wan me to stop doin what i love u might as well keep it movin lol…i can compromize on a few things like make extra time an all that but i gotta do wha i gotta do an its not like im not into you or none of that..i go to work i do my music i spend time wit ya thats all i wan do… lol sooo thats where this song came from..its about never stoppin its about bein strong an focused and thats a sacrafice i make to make my dreams come true an if u stay wit me while im grindin an i make it thats the perfect story for me 😉 so check it out…track produced by Kleph Dollaz and I got my homegirl Ashley singin the hook! stay focused do what u love! its a HUUUUUGE WORLD OUT HERE 🙂

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