Daily Motivation:Enrique Pascal

Winning is a part of life – just like losing is a part of life. We are so consumed with winning; we look at losing as a bad thing. Losing is not a bad thing, when you can benefit from it! Losing forty pounds can save your life, losing a bad attitude can open closed doors, and losing a bad relationship can bring you peace and joy. Who wants to lose peace and joy?

We should not be so obsessed with winning that we forget how to lose gracefully. So many of us are holding onto bad relationships, because we are afraid, of what others might think. Question, are you able to think, while you’re in a bad relationship? I’m just asking. Don’t let what others think prohibit your loss, which is really a gain – you winner you.

If you lose something, it’ll find its way back to you, if it’s meant to be. If to be or not to be is the question what is your answer? Do you want “to be” happy or just look that way? If you’re carrying extra weight – lose it. Losing extra weight is rewarding.

There’s a television show called “The biggest loser.” This is a show where people compete, to lose amazing amount of weight, and the winner is crowned, “The Biggest Loser.” The winner receives prizes and gain worldwide popularity. This is what will happen to you, when you embrace the fact that losing, is just as rewarding as winning.

How would you like to be crowned, “The Biggest Loser”? Imagine how good you would feel, losing 160 lbs. of a bad relationship. Finishing second can be a positive {+}, if you lose the negative {-} weight in the process!

Enrique Pascal, the Life Coach.
*I apologize for not sending a message out on Monday; I’ve been working on my new website. I am excited to announce that I am launching, “Transformation University Online” on Monday. This school will focus on “Mastering Your Emotions.” I am offering an eight week course, which will transform the lives of all that attend. It takes twenty one days to break a cycle & twenty one days to begin a new one. This sixty day course is the answer to many questions, because if you can’t master your emotions, you can’t make good decisions. Check out “The Enrique Pascal Show, The Show of Champions” 8:30 am est.* http://www.transformationuniversityonline.com

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