Lord Finesse x Rakim x DITC x Canayda @ SOBs

I had the blessin to rock on the same stage as The Legends Rakim and Lord Finesse at SOBs me an Gallo held it down for VA! I mean u had DITC in the buildin Mista Cheeks,DOitAll,Fat Joe,Grand Puba Love Bug Starski and a host of others! Heres some flicks an footage:

Me an Gallo rockin

Man it was so many clouds in SOBs lol shout out to the cats that asked if we burned it down in the VIP room downstairs haha we matched em an woooooooo it was tuff hahaha <////#~~~~ Trom City lol ..Killa Cam! i see ya lol

Shout to www.twitter.com/MLLTPhotos  for the black an white flick ( Canayda x Gallo *Crooks&Castle* was the attire )

This was a amazin night ..as a Hip Hop artist it prolly doesnt get much bigger than that!..for me anyway … maybe rockin wit Nas Mobb Deep or Jay i mean thats Supreme right there an im jus a cat from Richmond VA unsigned …how many can say they did that?

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