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Check @MzFlawless001 in Baby B Rack City rmx vid.. #Daaaaaamn :)

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@MzFlawless001 featured in Dynasty Series



@MzFlawless001 Dominating The Game #GetFamiliar

@MzFlawless001 POW!

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MzFlawless – South Beach Finest!

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MzFlawless Still Goin Hard!

Peeps hittin me up like yooo Nayda wha up wit MzFlawless!?!?…she still goin hard! 🙂

MzFlawless vs Body Paint

Alot of chics can’t pull this off!!  Miami STAND UP!! BX NYC STAND UP!!!! *more info coming soon!!*


Canayda x MzFlawless-Rude Bwoy Vacation

Good Music x Good Model equals Greatness lol check out Rude Bwoy Vacation off Garcia y Nayda 2!

***** MzFlawless *****

Im sorry but she’s one of the BADDEST WOMEN in the game right now!!! 🙂

Hometown: Bronx NYC


Currently: Miami

My name is Reyna; I am 5’5 and 136 lbs…I was born in Dominican Republic and raised in Bronx New York. I enjoy dinner and a movie, shopping, and most of all spending time with my family. I consider myself an out spoken, fun loving person. My main goal in life is to make it in life the proper way. To be able to achieve in becoming a business women in this male dominate society. I believe I can accomplish my dream for the simple fact that I am a hard worker at whatever I do and tend fight for what I want. I honestly believe that in life it’s hard to make it when you don’t have someone who can back you up, and for that reason I thank my mother for always believing and pushing me to become the woman I am today (determine and full of life). The lost of my father at an early age gave me an understanding of what life is about and how you should manage it. Modeling for me is art and the definition of beauty. Not only from the outside but from the inside out. I enjoy being in front of a camera and being able to interpret my surrounding with a simple facial expression. I enjoy being surrounded by joy and challenges. Entertainment is my main focus and modeling opens the door to many branches of such field. I would like an opportunity to prove myself. To be able to work on expanding my knowledge of what it is to be a MODEL!


Shout out to the homey Lloyd we chopped it up in NYC check that new album coming sooon!!

MzFlawless *Interview coming soon*