• Hip Hop Recording Artist: (Bookings email ItzCanayda@Gmail.com)  x Blogger x Marketing/Promoting Specialist x Photographer x Business Consultant x Independent Contractor x Soldier for the most High
  • Places I’ve lived….Virginia,Texas,Germany,New Jersey,NewYork City(Brooklyn),Florida
  • Independently released 9 cds since 1998 [ Verbal Assassin/Best of Canayda v1/Classic/Respiration/Garcia y Nayda 1 & 2/Can I Say Va(single)/Smoke Session(uncut-unreleased tracks)/Virginia is For Lovers]
  • In May of 2010  Canayda & Gallo released “Dividing Lines” Worldwide on itunes/amazon/rhapsody  after locking in a Digital Distribution deal with Khari Ent (http://www.amazon.com/Dividing-Lines-Explicit/dp/B003K5GP6U/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&s=dmusic&qid=1276053430&sr=8-1 )
  • I Began promoting online with mp3.com moving to soundclick.com then got with my brother Monsee’ and we created Canayda.com but thats around the time myspace popped up and myspace was just super convenient for me to update new songs,pics,news,shows etc so i shut down Canayda.com and moved to myspace, facebook, twitter and 2 months ago I created the BLOG which made its way back into Canayda.com due to the knowledge I gained over the years.I’ve learned so much about Marketing/Promoting Entertainment online over the past decade (it’s like picking up a cup to drink from) It’s got that flow when i work with clients ..really natural. I was hands on with alot of things: writing,recording,editing,mixing,ordering covers,photography,social networking,traveling,performing,promoting,sitting down having meetings,voicing my opinion,booking shows I mean you name it and I’ve done it…without a budget…I worked the 9 to 5 an then dedicated the rest of my day to my craft.I called in to work so many times to rock shows in NYC I mean barely having enough gas money troopin it with the team and after the show we turned around an came right back to VA. Most times I would just go straight to work with no sleep! fresh off the highway lol get off grab something to eat an then hit the studio for hours I mean it’s non-stop..alot of people can’t handle the drive, determination or passion.. it takes alot of patience. There’s some really good times tho ..I’ve traveled to some pretty cool places an met all types of people..recorded with some legends in the game just from goin hard…They say Im a dreamer…They say “He doesnt know what he’s doin” they may be right ..I might not know ..but Ima do it…follow me . network with me. Believe like me because if you dont believe in yourself …nobody will..I want to network with people that push and believe just like me
  • (More to come….Under Constuction)

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